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202206 – NOTW – A ‘da Vinci of violins’ goes up for auction in France (p.7)

A nearly three-century-old instrument lauded as a Leonardo da Vinci of violins could fetch as much as 10 million euros ($10.6 million) when it is auctioned soon, the French house overseeing the sale said. Crafted in 1736 by revered Italian luthier Giuseppe Guarneri, it is owned by virtuoso Regis Pasquier and its sound has graced concert halls around the world.

“There are many violins, but this one is like selling a Rembrandt, a Goya or even a Leonardo da Vinci painting,” said Sophie Perrine of the Aguttes auction house near Paris. The maple-backed instrument is one of about 150 made by Guarneri, the quality and longevity of whose output rivals that of Antonio Stradivari but who was far less prolific than his compatriot and contemporary.

Made at the peak of Guarneri’s career, it was bought more than twenty years ago by Pasquier, who gave a concert with it the following day without even practicing on it, Perrine said. “For him, this instrument was perfect.” He has since played it at prestigious venues including Carnegie Hall in New York and the Opera Garnier in Paris. The violin will go up for auction on June 3 following a three-day viewing. Its base price estimate is 4 to 4.5 million euros, but Perrine said it could sell for up to 10 million.

“It’s both something very old but yet very current and alive,,” she said. “And this little thing will continue allowing people to hear its exceptional sound for years to come.

source: Reuters 

instrument [ˈɪnstrʊmənt] strumento
to laud [tə lɔːd] lodare
to fetch [tə fetʃ] prendere
to oversee [tu ˌəʊvəˈsiː] sorvegliare
revered [rɪˈvɪəd] onorato, stimato
luthier [ˈluː.ti.ə] liutaio
to grace [tə ɡreɪs] abbellire
maple-backed [ˈmeɪpəl bækt] con dorso di acero
longevity [lɒnˈdʒevəti] longevità
to output [tu ˈaʊtpʊt] superare
prolific [prəˈlɪfɪk] prolifico
compatriot [kəmˈpætrɪət] connazionale
contemporary [kənˈtemprəri] contemporaneo
at the peak of sb’s career [ət ðə piːk əv kəˈrɪə] all’apice della carriera di qc
prestigious venue [preˈstɪdʒəs ˈvenjuː] luogo prestigioso
to go up for auction [tə ˈɡəʊ ʌp fər ˈɔːkʃən] essere messo all’asta
estimate [ˈestɪmeɪt] stima
current [ˈkʌrənt] attuale
to allow [tu əˈlaʊ] consentire
exceptional [ɪkˈsepʃənəl] eccezionale
202206 – NOTW – A ‘da Vinci of violins’ goes up for auction in France (p.7) – Impara e pratica inglese GRATIS con me!
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